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                        I never knew the magnets at my parent's house could spell this :3
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It's not very often that you find the epitome of what theater was upon its birth:                                               drama and comedy.

Super is a wonderful and seamless blend of
the two building blocks of entertainment.
Rainn Wilson delivers his signature dry humor
to the film. However, he also adds a remarkable
force to be reckoned with, almost comparable
to Christian Bale's intensity in The Dark Knight.
Ellen Page is quirky as ever, but follows the road
of her break out performance in
Hard Candy with surprising creepiness,
though the goosebumps she gives you in Super
are much more in-your-face.

Super's message is for minds twisted sane -
what's right may not always be acceptable. In its beginning, Super plays off as a nerd's quest for justice, darkened overcast. Towards its conclusion, Super shows its audience that if you cross its leading man he will act out his vengeance upon you, indefinitely.

Stars: ★★★¾
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